18th, 19th & 20th September 2024

Strategy Networks Provider Testimonials

The way the forum is structured leaves lots of room for information sharing. I think it's better than the more open networking style discussions. I like the formal arranged meetings; as a solutions provider we really get everything out of the event.
Account Manager, Wandera
The business meetings have been excellent; 15 minutes gives you that time to get to know someone. That's where we're making our connections and have some follow up meetings, which is brilliant.
Operation Director, Wheeve
I definitely recommend this event, purely for the quality of the engagements that are taking place and the quality of the delegates.
Consulting Solution Principle, Sunguard AS
With the depth of conversations I’ve been having with attendees, I sense that people are engaged at the right level and have a real insight in issues that we look at for companies.
EMEA Regional Chair, Exiger
The engagement with the delegates has been excellent. It is the first time we have done this and it has been really interesting to me to meet a number of people at different levels across various organisations and it is something we're looking forward to following up on. I would recommend it both to suppliers and delegates as something to look at.
Joint CEO, Ashford Solutions
The prime reason why we are joining this particular conference for a second year is because of the quality of the delegates, the quality of the institutions they represent and the geographical diversity.
EMEA Specialist Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
This event has given us the best access to the decision makers in a way where we can get our message across. I would argue that some of the others are not worth going to because if you have got something innovative and different, you need the concentrated time with the right decision makers in order to do that.
CEO, Foundation Stones Group
One highlight is the fact that we have had the opportunity to have our first conversation of what will be many with a number of people. Also, the fact that we had the opportunity to give a presentation has meant that people have come to us with further questions.
Founder & CEO, Cool Leadership