18th, 19th & 20th September 2024

Strategy Networks Client Testimonials

The presentations were relevant to my scope of work and high quality and they gave me something I can learn and take away.

It's a very different type of approach and I think it works very well. There's an interesting blend of industry presentations coupled with vendor presentations. Interwoven through that is the opportunity to network and engage, which I find works better than the traditional conference format.
VP IT Transformation, AstraZeneca
Good meetings with relevant products, I have some follow up calls arranged. Overall it was a good event with a refreshing format in comparison to other events. I would definitely attend again.
Interim CTO/Head of IT Strategy, FBN Bank UK
I think the highlight has been the quality of the people we have been able to interact with. I would say it's always good to go to these sessions because no matter how progressive you think your own thinking is, if you don't go to these, you can become blinkered in your approach. The world is moving so quickly that even if you’re on top of your game today, in a year's time you won't be because things have moved.
ETS General Counsel, Unilever
The big draw for me was the opportunity to go and meet some people who are probably experiencing the same sort of business issues that I am. This provided the opportunity to compare notes and talk about best practice in an out of office environment, engage with some suppliers, talk about technology and really have a day out the office thinking about things that I don't often get the time to do.
European Counsel Accident and Health, Chubb Insurance Group
There's an opportunity over a day and a half to really reflect on developments with a senior group of people, so it's a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and determine how we go forward.
Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft
There were plenty of innovative products that can help deliver value add proposals. Overall an informative event with some good takeaways.
Head of HR, Tech Data
I think, ultimately, I would encourage and strongly suggest to everyone to go to this kind of conference to get food for thought and look at what is new in the industry. It is useful to talk to people and see what you can take back to your organisation.
HR Director, Roche
It is a good consolidation experience with thought-provoking content that I am sure will continue through to conversations after today.
People Change Director, Capita